Clint is a Cyber Security Advisor, helping companies put security issues into perspective for the organization, prioritizing the issues that need to be remediated and dealing with them strategically - whether they come from external security audits, vulnerability disclosures or internal security reviews. He has helped clients prepare for and securely migrate to the Cloud, working with their teams to design cloud security, develop cloud network architectures and determine cloud service costs.

As a Project Leader, Clint has extensive experience working with cross-functional teams (Service Delivery Managers, Project Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Vendor Engineers and Client team members) designing architecture, developing project plans, creating project estimates and assigning responsibilities. Ensuring a holistic design that best meets the needs of the client, with buy-in from all team members and achievable project timelines.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of information technology, he has developed skills and expertise in many technologies. This broad background enables him to develop Strategic IT Plans, as well as provide mentoring and training to team members and clients. Mentoring and training have the added personal benefit of clarifying his thoughts on technologies, methodologies and processes while reinforcing clear and effective communication skills.

More background on his career can be found on LinkedIn.

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