Training Report - Day 1

Training Report

How the new plan went

The training was executed as planned.

Twenty seconds of work, followed by twenty seconds of rest was not much of a stimulus.
The two minutes of rest at the end was enough to nearly fully recover between rounds. Three rounds was sufficient to get my heart rate up, warm up joints and generally get my day started.

Skipping easy didn’t go as poorly as I expected - in regards to stepping on the rope - but my calves need to get used to the jumping.

Update to the plan

I’m going to increase the work to 25 seconds.
I’m going to keep the rest between movements at 20 seconds and keep the rest between rounds at 2 minutes.
I’m going stay doing 3 rounds, as this is a big lever for adding working, so I will start using it once I feel I have a better pattern sorted out.

I didn’t time my skipping - it wasn’t an objective - I’m not yet ready to start timing it, but in a few days I expect that I will want to hit a minimum time.

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