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    Compare file hash with PowerShell

    by  • 2017/09/05 • Tech • 0 Comments

    Once you’ve downloaded the file use Get-FileHash to calculate the SAH256 hash. $hash = (Get-FileHash .\filename.exe).hash Then use PowerShell to compare this to the published hash. $webhash = "3...f' if ($hash -eq $webhash){$true} If this returns “True” then the hashes match. Or if you want to...

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    Resolve all Remote Hosts that you are Connected

    by  • 2017/08/29 • Tech • 0 Comments

    I was looking into an certificate issue a client was having with their web proxy and in testing I thought it might be helpful to resolve the DNS names for all the open connections on ports 80 and 443. A quick netstat -anop tcp shows too many connections to bother doing manually and scraping...

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    Stop all processes with the same name

    by  • 2017/08/22 • Tech • 0 Comments

    I have a utility server that I connect to frequently and for some reason or other, that I haven’t had time to investigate yet, a certain Citrix related process launches and re-launches. Over the course of weeks there can be 30+ instances of this process running under my user account. The specific process doesn’t...

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    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Training – Notes

    by  • 2017/07/05 • Tech • 0 Comments

    Notes from RHEL 7 Partner Training… You can access Red Hat Support via the CLI tool redhat-support-tool The tool gives you access to the KB, which you can search from the CLI and you can work with support tickets. Running sosreport will create an archive file with logs and other info that can be...

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    Use PowerShell to test connection to a port

    by  • 2017/06/13 • Tech • 0 Comments

    To quickly test if you can communicate with a server on a specific port use this command: Test-NetConnection (hostname/ip) -Port (tcp port number) You are looking for TcpTestSucceeded : True in the output. Example: PS C:\Users\Clint> Test-NetConnection www.google.com -port 80 ComputerName : www.google.com RemoteAddress : RemotePort : 80 InterfaceAlias : vEthernet (LAN) 2...

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    Set Foxit Reader’s Default View

    by  • 2016/09/20 • Tech • 0 Comments

    My screens are large enough that I don’t need to have Foxit open all PDFs set to Fit Width. I generally want to be able to find what I need in the document quickly, then if I have to I can zoom in to 800% and check out each pixel… 😛 I had this...

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    How to schedule PowerShell jobs

    by  • 2015/02/06 • Tech • 0 Comments

    I’ve seen some bad info on how to do this, so I thought I would put what I know works here… In the new Task window put the Program/Script as: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe Enter this for the command: -command & ("{C:\Scripts\scriptname.ps1}") There are probably other combinations of characters you can put around the script path that...

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    PC – The Once and Future King

    by  • 2013/04/29 • Tech • 0 Comments

    Is the PC dead? The simple answer is no. PC sales numbers have been down every quarter for a while now, but are nowhere near zero. We are at a transition point in the technological cycle. We’ve all seen a bunch of them. Centralize – decentralize; smaller – bigger; in-house – out source. The...

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    Stack Theory of Troubleshooting

    by  • 2013/04/29 • Tech • 0 Comments

    Back in 2001, when I was learning about networking, my class was introduced to the OSI Model. The only reason I paid attention to the model at the time was because it was made clear it would be on the Network+ test. However, the 7 layer stack image stayed with me and over the...

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    Where do you keep your datacenter and why?

    by  • 2013/04/26 • Tech • 0 Comments

    Does your company still maintain a datacenter, has it co-located the equipment in the premise of a third party, or has your company migrated the workloads to a PaaS or IaaS provider? Or have you taken a hybrid approach and moved some part of the datacenter to another premise or provider?   Is there...

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