• Script Repository

    by  • 2013/02/24 • 0 Comments

    I’ve added a script section to my site. This is where I will maintain links to pages for each script. I decided this was necessary after starting to add comment-based help to some of my more popular scripts. Adding a page dedicated to each script with all the help  and script details will simplify...

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    VCP5 Designation

    by  • 2013/01/28 • 0 Comments

    I am now a VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5. I received my confirmation last week. Just waiting to get access to the Logos so I can add them to the home page of my site 🙂

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    Sophos UTM High Availability Setup

    by  • 2012/10/02 • 2 Comments

      When I first tried to setup Sophos UTMs for HA (then Astaro ASGs) I had some difficulty figuring out the proper order and steps required. To simplify the process for others here are the steps, it is really quite easy… If you are setting up new units from scratch Complete the license registration...

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    Sophos UTM Best Practices

    by  • 2012/09/28 • 3 Comments

    We have assembled some best practices at work for implementing the Sophos UTM (formerly Astaro ASG). These have been gathered and tested by my team and work for our environments. Feel free to ask questions. The online help is also very good. Management System Settings Shell Access Set SSH to a non-standard port WebAdmin...

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    PowerShell Profile – slow to load

    by  • 2012/07/05 • 2 Comments

    My PowerShell window takes a while to load, it’s been slightly annoying for quite a while, but not so annoying I had to do something about it. Until tonight. I finally decided to log how long my profile takes to load and see if I can pin point the cause. It turns out my...

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    PowerShell Script to manage nightly vSphere Snapshots

    by  • 2012/06/30 • 0 Comments

    A colleague and I wrote this script to allow a client to snapshot all VMs every night and delete the snapshots from the day before. This way the client always has fresh snapshots they could roll back to, without having to worry about old snapshots being kept around (and all the headaches those can...

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