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    My screens are large enough that I don’t need to have Foxit open all PDFs set to Fit Width. I generally want to be able to find what I need in the document quickly, then if I have to I can zoom in to 800% and check out each pixel… 😛

    I had this working before but they changed the menu options a while ago and I was forced back to text I could read from space…

    These settings work for or until they change the menu options again…

    Under File, select Preferences.
    Click on the History option on the left and clear the check mark beside “Restore last view settings when re-opening.

    Click on the Page Display on the left and configure the page layout you want (for me – Single Page & Fit Page).
    For good measure also check the box beside “Forbid the change of the current zoom factor…” at the bottom.

    Click OK.
    Test it out.


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