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    A colleague of mine sent me this…

    In case you don’t know exchange 2007 SP2 is out, I was having problems on 2 sites with [O]utlook constantly prompting for passwords and not accepting them, even though Outlook [A]nywhere was not configured on the client.  Outlook would give the message in the lower right corner (Needs Password) but would still work, [just] with the annoying pop ups.

    SP2 fixed the problem and one client said it seemed faster.

    A couple of things to be aware of with SBS 2008[.]  You have to install rollup 9 for SP1 first.

    There is a registry edit that has to be done, the SP2 install will give the URL to the instructions.

    After the install RWW, OWA, and internal web will not work, the Microsoft fixes will not work (they ask you to run the fix my network wizard among other things).

    The problem is that the default website is running and holding HTTPS port 443, which stops the small business website from starting.

    Just stop the default website and start the SBS website and you are up and running.

    Thanks Leonard!


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